This is my third website,i was not completly satisfied with the others. Hopefully this site will do.


 In june 2003 when browsing on the net, i came along some wounderful Sylvanina sites,and then i was hooked.


In 2003 Sylvanian Families were not available in my country,but slowly they started to pop up on small independent toy websites. Nearly my entire collection has been bought online from websites in Japan,UK and Thailand.  Now you can get the UK Flair line in nearly all toystores and online toy websites,but i do still buy many Sylvaninas aboard.


I do collect nearly everything that is figure,houses,buildings and accs related.If an item has been released in Japan or for that matter UK, and is identical i do only buy one. I had sold many of my CC figures and nearly stop collecting those except from limited or special versions. I had "meet" many wounderful and lovely people through this passion for little critters,and i´m so greatfull and would thank all the fellow collectors who had help me build my collection.


I hope you will enjoy to browse around my site.:)




Oct 2013




I could never collect many of the figures or items on this site if haden´t been for all of your wounderfull and sweet fellow collectors who had help me with this collection. So thank you all so much you know who you are.:)


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